Work In Progress

Spreadsheet of values for the various individual exposures.

The light colored portion is the part where the fit was made with only the left most transition in the Order… so NiII 1741 in Order 62 and FeII 1608 in Order 67.

The two values: difference is just the absolute difference between the highest and lowest redshift that I got for that component. The stdev. is the standard deviation for that component.

I converted the difference in angstroms into m/s by multiplying the difference in angstroms by the speed of light in m/s and dividing by the wavelength of the observed transition in angstroms.

To have a visual, here are two plots of the rank ordering of the redshift values for the 6 exposures in each component.


I fit 3 components to the Ni lines.


I fit 4 components to the Fe lines.

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