To Do

Dec. 2, 2008:

Paper corrections:

"discrepAnt" change abstract of the paper.

reinstall VPFIT
subtract I2 from data
IRAF reduction
IDL Voigt function
calibrate data
statistics program
make .eps figures
incomplete gamma function
run vpfit on calibrated data
remove and calibrate I2; find delta alpha/alpha

MAKEE reduction?

count VPFIT parameters

Computerize iodine line normalization.

print Art's talk

get papers in order

show nu goes to lamba

help jason's cookbook

convolve data w/ detector

consider alpha changing osc. str. changing the ratio

change IP on windows moebius

Get individual runs and shift with iodine cell.

1 angstrom bins
2 angstrom bins
3 angstrom bins
4 angstrom bins
5 angstrom bins

Nickel Lines

fitting — errors on data points?

gnuplot - output files?

writeup gnuplot: fitting

make file that compiles everything.

c-program that reads in the length of the files.

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