device xterm (or x11)
box (makes a box)
limits xlo xhi ylo yhi
era (erase)
set x=1,100 (x range)
set y = x**2 (y = x^2)
print <x y>
limits x y
help limits (or help mread)
points x y
conn x y
xlabel x
ylabel y
mread (reads in macro, real thing is macro read filename)
!vi filename (editing
mread (it remembers that you just looked at
list set (to see all vectors read in)

plot2 veld taud
limits -100 100 0 5 (change limits)

set tauda = taud*0.8 (to scale data)
conn veld tauda
set a = sin(velda) (to take sin of velda)
set velda = velda + 5 (to shift plot)
conn velda tauda

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