2004 Data Viewing

On Kingpin:

Go to:


start idl

% Compiled module: HIRES_SPECPLT.
% Compiled module: X_GUILIST.

And then a list of possible files will pop up:


Click the one you want.

And a window pops up with wavelength over some fairly small range. Notice if the x and y values change when you more your cursor over different places in the plot. If it changes, you're good, you can use this.

Hitting "-" or "=" will move you between the different echelle orders. Tap the "=" once and you should be looking at order number 67. (It's labeled near the top near the x and y values).

Bunch of other commands can be found by typing "H" in the window… It'll pop up and say:

::: Help Menu::::

l — Set left (that's a lower case L)
r — set right
b — set bottom
t — set top


Set the graph by putting the cursor to the left of the lines, tapping "l", then to the right of the lines, "r", and then just above the highest noise in that and tap "t".

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