Install VPFIT 9.5

Ubuntu 9.04 tweaks to make VPFIT 9.5 work.

download vpfit9.5.tar.gz

Get a bunch of libraries:

sudo aptitude install cfitsio3 cfitsio-dev 
sudo aptitude install libx11-dev 
sudo aptitude install libxext-dev libxext6-dbg 
sudo aptitude install libpng-dev 
sudo aptitude install pgplot5
sudo aptitude install gfortran

Change in makefile:

cfitsx = /usr/lib/libcfitsio.a
pgpltx = /usr/lib/libpgplot.a

add flag "-lpng" in makefile:

vpflx: vpgti.o $(vpobj)
    $(LINK.f) -o vpfit vpgti.o $(vpobj) \
        $(pgpltx)   $(cfitsx) \
        -L/usr/X11R6/lib -lX11 -lXext \
        -L/usr/lib -ldl -lm -lnsl -lpng

make vpflx

If it finishes without giving errors, I suggest moving the entire directory to a location that makes sense. Like:

sudo mv $UNTAR and MAKE VPFLX LOCATION$ /usr/local/vpfit_9.5-7-22-2009

Add to .bashrc (including the new location in your path, and creating a shell variable from ATOMDIR where you can put whatever version of atom.dat you would like — it has to be named ATOMDIR because that's what vpfit looks for in a shell variable).

export VPFIT_DIR=/usr/local/vpfit_9.5-7-22-2009
export PATH=${PATH}:${VPFIT_DIR} 
export ATOMDIR=/usr/local/vpfit_9.5-7-22-2009/Setup/atom.dat

Remember to source your .bashrc or to start a new terminal after making these changes.

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