Ascii Conversion

This program will convert ascii from DUDE to a format that VPFit can read.

pro readdat
;program is named readdat

readcol, '11062006doubleall', F = 'D,D,D,D,D,D',one, two, three, four, five, six;
flux = three/six
err = four/six
forprint, two, flux (or err), Format = '(D,D)', TEXTOUT='all-flux(err).dat', /nocomment
;you choose either flux or err to put in both places in this line.


to compile this particular program, start IDL

IDL>.r readdat (this compiles the program "readdat")
% Procedure was compiled while active: READDAT. Returning.
% Compiled module: READDAT.

IDL>readdat (this runs the program readdat - remember to compile every time you change the readdat program)
% READCOL: 462 valid lines read
% TEXTOPEN: Output is being directed to a file doubleallflux(err).txt
% Stop encountered: READDAT 13 /home/jonathan/data/11062006 Combined/

the data is now in the directory from which you are running idl, called in this case all-flux.dat or all-err.dat

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